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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Somali President speech on the UN Mini-Summit on Somalia

Ladies and Gentlemen am humbled and feel privileged to be given this opportunity to join you through the use of technology and make my statement from Mogadishu. I am both proud and happy to address you.

Allow me to present my compliments to you and I regret to say that, I couldn’t make it to be with you physically New York due to prevailing circumstance in the transition of authority and wider consultation with parliamentarians and various stakeholders in this historic time of our nation. However, I have sent a high level delegation, led by the Prime Minister.

Ladies and Gentlemen
This is a very important occasion. As I address you, our resolve to build a new Somalia is underway and further strengthened afresh. I must warmly convey my gratitude to UN, African, Arab League, European Union, United States, OIC as well as all others that, in a way or another, stood beside us in our difficult times. I extend on behalf of the Somali people and on my own behalf, the deepest gratitude to all nations, forces, and international organizations and personalities who supported us in the darkest times of our nation all along the way in the past decades.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
After the end of the long transition period and the rebirth of the third Republic:
Federal Republic of Somalia as well as the election and the smooth power transfer that followed, Somalia has re-attained its distinguished position in the world community and has assumed its responsibilities both in the national and in the international fields, thus earning the support and esteem of the entire human family.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
In my capacity as the president of the Federal Republic of Somalia, I proclaim before you that, my administration for the coming years will be characterized by the new approach I proposed in my vision – THE FOUNDATIONS OF A NEW BEGINNING- a six-pillar policy framework that I deem to be essential to the realization of the priority issues aimed at salvaging Somalia.

The forthcoming Prime Minister, whom I intend to appoint soon, will set up and lead a competent Federal government with functional institutions that are capable of delivering


socio- economic recovery in the country,. The administration, as a whole, will give priority to the promotion of sustainable peace, political dialogue and economic development through justice, democracy and unity where the rule of law and good governance guide the activities of the government.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thank you for organizing this timely Mini-Summit on Somalia. Today, you are there to define priorities for peace building and stabilization in Somalia by launching a high level dialogue between representatives of the international community and the new Somali leadership on the new Government’s priorities with special emphasis on Rule of law, Economy Recovery and Service Delivery.

The most important intervention is to ensure a coherent approach for international assistance in support of a Somali-led plan of action, including timelines for a donor conference; to commit to supporting AMISOM beyond 2012; as well as to enhance efforts to rebuild the Somali security institutions. The theme you are deliberating on is

"From Transition to Transformation: the New Agenda for Somalia" which comes barely two weeks after my election and months after London and Istanbul conferences. I hope the Somali delegation at the Mini-Summit will seize this opportunity to align our home-grown priorities with our international partners in the provision of funding for the state-building projects.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
In my capacity as the president of the Federal Republic of Somalia, I proclaim before you that I am embarking on my mission, with a new approach, by doing things differently to lay strong foundations for building reliable and functioning state institution.

To change this situation with the new approach, our priorities will remain in:
1- Creating an enabling environment for full stability, rule of law and good governance. With credible justice system.

2- Re-building national economy that focus to restore decent livelihoods for the Somali population.

3- Peace-Building with comprehensive reconciliation of all levels with emphasis on social integration for Somali refugees and IDPs.

4- Strengthening International Relations with the aim of recovering national image through effective relationship with the region and the world at large.

5- Encouraging national unity using dialogue as vehicle for a united Somalia.